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Daniel Ellwood

No points for guessing Daniel is of a psychedelic bent –his work is a delightful synthesis of chemical and organic states. He completed his MA in Art & Design, using a self-devised technique with a scalpel and monochromatic canvas, immersing himself in an exploration of darkness in order to (quite literally) unmask the unknown.


Using the representation of factual ideas – life, nature and structure – and throwing them into an abstract form, Daniel embraces the apparent limitations of a black surface. These ‘still’ images achieve their animated visual effects through the dynamic aspect of the line. And as using a scalpel – without guideline – leaves no room for error, every work is a one-take, free form improvisation – a snapshot of the artist’s immediate psyche.

What’s fascinating about Daniel’s process is in the removal of a medium as opposed to the more traditional application of one. That’s to say, perhaps the image was always within the canvas – the artist merely uncovered it.

Over the years based in Berlin his style has evolved with the introduction of colour, digital design, and animation. 

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