For the house


Experimenting with applying personal artwork across a range of housing products; throw pillows, bedding, shower curtains and more. 


The printing company Society6 prides themselves on going out  of their way

to use only the highest quality materials

and processes. When you buy a product

from Society6, they produce it, package

it and ship it to you - worldwide.

Frogs Porn Cushion

Frogs Porn Pillow

Frogs Porn Tapestry

Frogs Porn Rug

Frogs Porn Wall Clock

Frogs Porn Duvet Cover

Frogs Porn Shower Curtain

Frogs Porn Mug

Champagne Cushion

Champagne Pillow

Champagne Rug

Champagne Shower Curtain

Champagne Tapestry

Champagne Duvet

Lizard Cushion

Lizard Pillow

Lizard Mug

Lizard Rug

Lizard Tapestry

Lizard Duvet

Lizard Shower Curtain

Lizard Rug

Octopussy Cushion

Octopussy Shower Curtain

Octopussy Duvet

Octopussy Rug

Octopussy Tapestry

Spaced Wall Tapestry

Spaced Cushion

Spaced Pillow

Spaced Duvet

Spaced Rug

Spaced Duvet

Spaced Mug

Smiler Cushion

Smiler Duvet

Smiler Shower Curtain

Smiler Wall Tapestry

Smiler Rug


Outer Space Wall Tapestry

Outer Space Cushion

Outer Space Pillow

Outer Space Duvet

Outer Space Shower Curtain

Outer Space Rug

Outer Space Mug

Corgasmic Tapestry

Corgasmic Duvet

Corgasmic Shower Curtain

Corgasmic Cushion

Mask Cushion

Mask Duvet

Mask Shower Curtain

Mask Rug

Lioness Cushion

Lioness Pillow

Lioness Duvet

Lioness Rug

Lioness Shower Curtain

Lioness Wall Tapestry

Lioness Mug

Lioness Mug

Infinity Wall Tapestry

Infinity Clock

Infinity Cushion

Infinity Pillow

Infinity Duvet

Infinity Rug

Infinity Shower Curtain

Infinity Mug

Colours 1.2 Tapestry

Colours 1.2 Duvet

Colours 1.2 Rug

Colours 1.2 Pillow

Colours 1.2 Shower Curtain

Futurist Cushion

Futurist Duvet

Futurist Pillow

Futurist Rug

Futurist Shower Curtain

Futurist Wall Tapestry

Futurist Mug

Carnival Wall Tapestry

Carnival Rug

Carnival Cushion

Carnival Duvet

Carnival Mug

Carnival Clock

Bull by the Horns Cushion

Bull by the Horns Pillow

Bull by the Horns Rug

Bull by the Horns Shower Curtain

Bull by the Horns Mug

Blocked Cushion

Blocked Pillow

Blocked Duvet

Blocked Shower Curtain

Forest Eye Rug

Forest Eye Cushion

Forest Eye Shower Curtain


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