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Welcome to the visionary world of Daniel Ellwood. Blending analogue techniques with digital innovation, Ellwood unveils a distinctive style characterized by vibrant colors, striking forms, and psychedelic patterns.

Dan Ellwood x Palma Llopis-67.jpg

Latest Work.

Venus Fly Trap wall.jpg

Venus Flytrap

Scalpel Cut and Peel on black mountboard. Size A0.

Worms On Wall.jpg

Coral Life

Mixed media scalpel & digital art. 3 sizes available

Midjourney framed 7.jpg

Jigsaw Journeyman

Inspired by a creating characters from pieces of card.



Ghost Party Wall.jpg

Scalpel Art

Original scalpel art collection created over the last 15 years.

Firey Note On Wall.jpg

Digital Art

Full range of various digital designs. Including the Masked Collection and Digital Paintings

Midjourney framed 4.jpg

Ai Art

A collection of Ai designed art pieces.

Gradient Form
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