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Step aboard and discover the captivating world of artist, illustrator, and animator Daniel Ellwood, whose professional journey spans over a decade. A master of self-devised analogue techniques and digital innovation, Ellwood's creative practice exudes a signature style, unmasking the unknown and revealing vivid colors, bold forms, and psychedelic motifs.


Daniel has held solo exhibitions across the UK, Europe and Dubai including shows in London, Berlin and Amsterdam.


Here on this digital platform, Ellwood's work is divided into four categories - Scalpel Art, Digital, Masks, and Animation - each overlapping in captivating and innovative ways. Welcome to the visionary universe of Daniel Ellwood.

Yes Chef!

Scalpel Art

It was a fateful encounter that would shape the trajectory of Daniel's artistic career. Under the eye of his esteemed art instructor, Mr. Dare, the budding artist encountered an unexpected tool that would unlock a new dimension of artistic expression: the scalpel. At an age of 15, Daniel struggled to achieve the perfect edge for his work, but with the precision and finesse of a surgeon, he found that the scalpel provided just the solution he needed. Armed with a mount board with a 2mm cream-colored core as his canvas, Daniel's ingenuity flourished as he used the blade to carve into the top layer, peeling it off to reveal his now iconic monochrome masterpieces.


Scalpel Meets Digital 

After completing his Masters in Art & Design Daniel studied graphic design, which lead to a number of creative jobs in branding and advertising. He quickly became adept at using Adobe Suites, successfully honing his design skills for more commercial ends. At this point Daniel also began experimenting; combining the precision of scalpel art with the unrestrained creativity of Photoshop, producing extraordinary results.

Masks Banner Website.jpg

Digital Meets NFTs

When NFTs began to subvert the art world, Daniel immediately saw the potential, recognising that this was the future for digital art and how it would inevitably come to be sold. While he experienced some initial success, the true impact of NFTs was to catalyze his own creative thinking, ultimately leading to the conception of his innovative "Masked Collection." This collection of exclusive digital masks effortlessly fuses the artist's distinctive surgical precision with his signature graphic design, signaling a new era of artistic expression in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Gradient Form

Digital Painting

Daniel has embarked on a cutting-edge artistic exploration by embracing the modern technique of digital painting. His innovative approach involves utilizing an array of digital brushes to generate fluid and unencumbered lines and forms, infused with a vibrant palette of hues and textures. This avant-garde method has unlocked a wealth of creative prospects, revitalizing Daniel's extensive portfolio of monochromatic works with a fresh and invigorating energy.

Animation & Video Modular Synths

Daniel has long been captivated by the art of animation. During his time at university, he developed over 2,000 photo stop-frame animations, using cut-out pieces of card and moving them meticulously to create movement. Inspired by his immersion in Berlin's thriving electronic music scene, Daniel recognized the potential for synergy between audio and visual mediums through the use of video modular synths - a specialized field that he has since made his own.

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